The English Pub, Reykjavík Iceland


“There is no bad whiskey. There are only some whiskeys that aren’t as good as others.” - Raymond Chandler

Johnnie Walker Red Label

Crackling with spice and bursting with vibrant, smoky flavours

Taketsuru Pure Malt 17 Years Old

Its gentle malt flavor, fruitiness and extremely well-balanced taste

Laphroaig 18 Year Old

The first taste is an oak sweetness, from 18 years in the barrel

Chivas Regal 12 Year Old

a blend of many different malt and grain Scotch whiskies


"One martini is alright, two is too many, three is not enough." – James Thurber

1.600 ISK Irish Coffee

Whiskey, sugar, coffee and cream

2.400 ISK Old Fashioned

Bourbon or Rye, Sugar Syrup and Bitters

2.400 ISK Negroni

Gin, Campari and Sweet Vermouth

2.400 ISK Aperol Spritz

4cl Aperol, Prosecco and Sparkling Water


"I tried to say no to the vodka but is 40% stronger then me."


Icelandic vodka you must try

Ketel One

A meticulously crafted vodka

Grey Goose

High class vodka produced in France


Polish rye vodka

• GIN •

"It's never too early for GIN O'Clock."

Beefeater 24

A sophisticated and modern interpretation


Distinctive Vodka

Tanqueray no 10

An exquisite citrus burst in every sip


A local favorite gin

• WINE •

"I think I'm like wine. The older I get, the better I get." - Zlatan Ibrahimovic

1.450kr per glass Tommasi Graticcio Appassionato

A medium-bodied, vibrant Corvina, Rondinella and Merlot red wine blend made in a similar method as Amarone wines.

Moët & Chandon

Impérial Brut Champagne

1.450kr per glass Mateus

A medium-sweet frizzante rosé wine



non-alcoholic beer

600kr Juice

apple, orange, cranberry and pinapple served

700 kr Redbull

an energy drink

Soda Water

Icelandic sparkling water

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