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Holiday Opening Hours at The English Pub

Are you visiting Reykjavik in December? Check out The English Pub holiday opening hours. // Opnunartími The English Pub um jólin 2017.

December 21st – 12PM to 1AM
December 22nd – 12PM to 4:30AM
December 23rd – 12PM to 4AM
December 24th – CLOSED
December 25th – 12PM to 1AM
December 26th – 12PM to 3AM
December 27th – 12PM to 1AM
December 28th – 12PM to 1AM
December 29th – 12PM to 4:30AM
December 30th – 12PM to 4:30AM
December 31st – 12PM to 4:30AM
January 1st – 12PM to 3AM
January 2nd – 12PM to 1AM

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