1.400isk (0.5L) ABV 5%

Egils Gull offers you a traditional, crisp lager experience brewed by Ölgerðin

Golden coulour, small white head, light toasted malt nose, grainy aroma and fresh lemony hops in the mouth. It is brewed in the style of pale Munich-lagers from pilsner malt, locally grown barley and pure Icelandic water.

Gull is one of Iceland’s best know brands and has been enjoyed by Icelanders since March 1st 1989, when the 70 year beer prohibition in Iceland was lifted.

The English Pub offers Egils Gull always on draught and bottle 0,33L.

Awards Gull beer has received: 

Best Standard Lager Beer in the World at the World Beer Awards 2011

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