1.400isk (0,5L) ABV 5% IBU 8

Brewed for the first time in 1904, Carlsberg pilsner is, in fact, part of the Danish cultural heritage and the Danish thirst. You will experience a harmonious balance between bitterness and the sweetness of apples, while enjoying the bright golden color with the nice looking foam. The aroma is dominated by pine, straws, hazelnut and sorrel.

Carlsberg is naturally rich in essential vitamins (for the nerdiest among you: niacin, riboflavin, pyridoxine – B6, folate – B9 and cobalamin – B12) and minerals (magnesium, potassium and silicon) that contribute to healthy skin, hair and most importantly, will help you to grow a great beard. It also contains antidioxants and soluble fibers from the pure raw materials it is made from, all of which contribute to a healthy diet.

The good news is your beer-belly is officially an urban legend: drinking beer in moderation does not make you fat…but beware of your food pairing habits, what you eat when you drink could make the calorie count fly!

The English Pub offers Carlsberg on draught.

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